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The Turnkey Rainwater
Harvesting Solution

FreeRain provides turnkey rain water harvesting systems. For over 4000 years, humans have collected rain in cisterns to supply their drinking, bathing and other needs and to protect their civilizations from drought. Today, rain water conservation is a priority in an effort to conserve one of our most valuable natural resources.

FreeRain is a proven rainwater harvesting system that couples the same basic concepts that our ancestors used with modern technologies to provide a sustainable, money-saving water source. Rain which is captured and stored underground in a FreeRain tank can be used for landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, cooling tower makeup water, car washing and other non-potable applications. FreeRain has been installing systems across the Triangle since 2000.

FreeRain’s turnkey rainwater harvesting system includes professional engineering consultation and system design, component delivery, construction oversight, service, maintenance and a lifetime limited warranty.

The FreeRain system benefits include:

  • Saving millions of gallons of potable water per year

  • Saves up to 50% of the potable water required to operate a property

  • Saves land by converting proposed stormwater bioretention areas to a more productive use such as additional structures, parking, lawn or landscaping

  • Provides LEED Credits – the FreeRain System contributes to twelve (12) LEED certification credits

  • Provides access to an alternative water source

  • Improves overall water quality by reducing stormwater runoff

  • Reduced tapping fees, water bills, and dependence on public water supply systems

  • Avoidance of water use restrictions and escalating water prices

  • Healthy, vibrant landscapes and streetscapes year-round

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